Check out For Honor's new Shinobi and Centurion classes in action

I've had a soft spot for For Honor since it launched back in February, and the upcoming heroes Shinobi and Centurion remind me exactly why that is: it's a gosh darn fighting game.

The Shinobi trailer (above) makes him look like an off-brand ninja from Mortal Kombat. He can throw his Kusarigama like Scorpion's spear to hook an enemy and pull them in for close-range punishment. And he can teleport. I'm sure I won't be able to pull off the combos that are shown in the trailer, but it looks rad and makes me want to try the Shinobi out.

The second trailer (below) is for the brutish Centurion. I'm not as interested in For Honor's heavier characters, but the Centurion seems pretty funny. The Roman soldier acts like a high school jock, beating down his enemy before ushering them to get back up. And once the enemy is downed for good, the Centurion goes back and forth on a Gladiator-style thumbs down. He's the king of the alpha males, and I want to see all of this in-game.

The two heroes will jump into battle for season pass holders when For Honor's second season kicks off on May 16. Everyone else will be able to purchase the heroes with in-game currency on May 23. However, all players will get some new stuff at the dawn of the new season. May 16 brings two new maps, more customization options, and "gameplay updates," whatever exactly that means, in addition to the second round of the Faction War.