Cheap gaming PC deals


Bagging yourself a brand new gaming PC doesn’t have to cost a fortune and picking up an affordable rig doesn’t mean you have to go and build it yourself, either. But figuring out which cheap gaming PC is actually going to give you a decent experience in-game can be tough.

Even if the price is right a misstep on the chosen components can mean your new purchase is about as effective a gaming rig as a Raspberry Pi. Our regularly updated guide to the best cheap gaming PCs will give you the best prices we’ve found for desktop machines which will deliver decent frame rates in the latest games.

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 Some highlights this week: The Alienware Alpha isn't necessarily a powerhouse of a gaming PC, but at this price it's a quality mini-rig for the living room. And you don't even need to put up with SteamOS either...

I also think the MSI Nightblade X2 barebones is worth a look too. It takes the hassle out of a full build but still gives you the option to fit it out with the components of your choice. And if you've got some older parts hanging around which are still gaming capable it makes a great new home for them.

Intel Core i3-4170T | Nvidia GTX 860M | 4GB DDR3 | 500GB HDD | $448.99
- There's $50 off the Alienware Alpha micro machine at the moment and you can bag the base model, with a Haswell i3 and bespoke Nvidia GPU based on the GTX 860M, for a decent price. Get it from Dell for just $448.99.

AMD FX-8300 | Nvidia GTX 960 2GB | 8GB DDR3 | 1TB HDD | $659.99
- It may not be quite as svelte as the Steam Machine-esque Alpha, but the CybertronPC Rhodium packs an 8-core FX-8300, 8GB DDR3 and a GTX 960 into the bargain. Check it out at Newegg for $659.99 with $40 off.

AMD FX-8320 | AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB | 8GB DDR3 | 2TB HDD | $859
- Cyberpower is offering free upgrades on certain components which means this Gamer Scorpius 8000 gets an R9 380 instead of the 370 and an FX-8320. View the deal at Cyberpower where it's $859.

AMD FX-8350 | AMD Radeon R9 390 | 8GB DDR3 | 2TB HDD | $999.99
- There's a healthy $150 off this ABS Chaser rig at the moment. It's got a beefier FX-8350 CPU than the Cyberpower, and comes with the excellent R9 390 GPU. Check it out at Newegg for $999.99.

Supports: Intel Skylake CPUs | Full size GPU | DDR4 RAM | $369.99AR
- If you fancy doing part of the build work yourself though you can grab the little MSI Nightblade X2 barebones for a good price. Just add Skylake CPU, full size GPU, storage and memory and you're good to go. View the deal at B&H where it's $369.99AR.

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