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Castle Crashers creators' next game is filled with swords, uzis, and living cupcakes

Pit People

Pit People (opens in new tab) is strange and I want to play more of it. It's odd enough that The Behemoth (opens in new tab)—a developer primarily known for its sidescrolling beat-em-ups like Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater—is making a turn-based strategy game, so it seems only fitting that the game's theme be somewhat unexpected as well: The corpse of a giant space bear crashes into the planet, causing chaos and disrupting time and space, meaning pretty much anything goes. One moment you're fighting archers and bandits, then the next an uzi-wielding gunman rides in on a giraffe suspended from party balloons. It's utter madness, and I enjoyed every moment I spent with it. Watch the video above to get a closer look at Pit People, and hear me speak to The Behemoth co-founder John Daez at PAX East (opens in new tab) about the game.

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