Carry on up the cyber: Shadowrun Returns hits Steam today

Things that are out today: Thursday, some joggers, Shadowrun Returns . Given that this is a games website and not a calendar or a fitness mag, we're particularly excited about the third one, which returns Shadowrun to its rightful place as a story-based RPG. You lot Kickstarted it, and now it is released - we don't get to say that nearly as often as we should. You'll find the isometric cyberpunk fantasy adventure on Steam, though you won't find it for another seven hours. You could always watch the trailer a couple of hundred times in the meantime? It's after the break, just in case.

Here's a joke: an elf, a troll and a punk walk into a bar. The bar is in the game 'Shadowrun Returns', which is set in a world where magic and technology and grimy future-noir collide. That's the end of the joke. Harebrained Schemes' game comes a single-player campaign, but perhaps more excitingly it also comes with modding tools, so you can make your own adventures out of sticky-back plastic seemingly quite complex editing tools.

Shadowrun returns is out now. Well, it's out in a bit. It will set you back £14.99/ $17.99 / around 300 credits once it is.

Tom Sykes

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