Capcom's stance on Monster Hunter: World mods is still unclear

Modders have been hard at work customizing and fine-tuning Monster Hunter: World's PC port, but while modding in excessive patriotism or essential armor transmogs is tempting, many players have been reluctant to use any mods out of fear of being banned. The cosmetic mods we're seeing for World aren't like the paid Street Fighter mods that have drawn Capcom's ire in the past, but World is still a multiplayer game with a vague EULA, so it's unclear what mods Capcom considers harmless. 

Concerned Reddit user Tenzi92 recently reached out to Capcom for clarification regarding two mods: one that replaces the Xbox button prompts with PS4 versions, and an armor transmog mod (presumably FineNerds' excellent mod). According to a screenshot posted by Tenzi92, a Capcom support representative said: 

Capcom does not support any mods created by third parties, any official mod would be published on the Steam page of the game.

You can use any mods you like for the game, but it is at your own risk.

If the mod only improves the graphics of the game and gives you no game play advantage, normally you should not be banned. 

It's an encouraging response, and I haven't heard of any players being banned for using mods so far, but the notion of "normally" not being banned is still shaky, so I reached out to Capcom for more information. Capcom did not comment on the above statement, but simply said:

Modded content is not officially supported by Capcom. We are unable to comment on the use of particular mods with the game, however our team does actively monitor content used in the game.

Right now, it doesn't seem like Capcom is doing anything to halt the use of cosmetic mods, but until it firmly states whether or not it will ban or otherwise punish players for using them, we can't be sure that every mod is safe to use at this time.

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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