Monster Hunter: World mod makes your hub area more patriotic

Astera, the main hub of Monster Hunter: World, is one of the biggest hub areas in the series' history. It's got blacksmiths, feline chefs and vendors galore, to say nothing of dozens of NPC hunters traipsing about. But you know what it doesn't have? Big ol' flags from your country. Thankfully, modder highsouled recently released a mod that adds just that. 

Dozens of flags are available, and highsouled has added many more following user requests, including the flags for Brazil, France, Malaysia, Germany, Finland and Scotland. It's a neat way to personalize Astera, and hell, we've already made 10,000 pairs of mittens out of the local fauna so we may as well claim the land for ourselves too. 

If you too want to represent your country in-game, you can find download and installation instructions on Nexus Mods

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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