Monster Hunter: World mod lets you transmog your armor's appearance

Monster Hunter: World has done the series justice on PC, but it is missing some popular features, chief among them the ability to transmog armor: changing its appearance to another armor set, while keeping its stats. Alas, transmog was added in Monster Hunter XX, which hasn't been announced for PC and probably never will be. Luckily, the PC does have modders—more specifically, modders like FineNerds, who's gone and created an armor transmog mod for World. 

As FineNerds explains on Nexus Mods, all you have to do is download the mod, open Monster Hunter: World, open the mod, and "enter the armor you want to switch to." I was skeptical, so I decided to try the mod for myself. And while it's not quite that simple, it does work and it is very easy to use. Let's start with a look at the interface: 

To change your armor, open the mod (with World open) and enter the save slot for the character you want to edit. If you only have one character, just enter 1 here. Next, enter the armor slot you want to edit, with 1 through 5 representing your head through legs. You can also enter 6 to change everything at once, and you can save and load outfits using 7 and 8. Once you've selected a slot, enter the armor code for the monster armor you want to use. You can find armor codes in this spreadsheet provided by FineNerds. To get the Nergigante alpha armor, for example, you'd enter 107. 

You'll need to travel to a new area to get your new armor to show up, but you can preview your new look via your guild card before travelling. Some armor isn't currently available, and a few sets are incompatible with multiplayer, but everything I tried worked perfectly. My transmog showed up immediately, and it even worked online when I hopped into a game with James. Restarting the game and changing the actual armor pieces I have equipped didn't mess it up, either. 

According to FineNerds, the mod works by manipulating the layered armor in World, which itself works like a very limited transmog system. For the unfamiliar: you can equip layered armor like the samurai set included in World's deluxe edition to have it override the way your armor looks without changing your stats or skills. This mod works the same way: my stats weren't affected, only my appearance. The downside to this is that you can only recolor your transmogged armor if you have an actual layered armor set equipped. Even so, the mod makes building ideal armor sets much easier, and much more fashionable. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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