Capcom launches Street Fighter 5 intro series


Not having touched a fighting game since discovering the button-mashing, side-on easter egg in Enter The Matrix, I find Street Fighter and its ilk immensely intimidating. The best players tend to have been brawling since they were old enough to get hands round a fight stick, so coming in fresh with neither coordination nor ability to distinguish one fighter from another is a big hill to climb. This one fires electricity, apparently. Capcom seems to have recognised the potential for bafflement and is releasing an introduction video for each of Street Fighter V's characters, summarising basic attributes for noobs and pointing out differences from previous incarnations for series followers.

The overview is basic, and if you've played Street Fighter more than never it probably won't be all that useful, but every community needs new blood, and as a simple Who's Who, Ken's intro video serves its purpose. For example, I now know he has a bromance going on with Ryu, which I didn't before. Now who's Ryu?