Bully 2 leak confirmed fake

(Image credit: r/bully2)

Bully fans are desperate for a sequel to Rockstar's 2006 open high-school game, and Nicole Carpenter interviewed some of them about why for us just last month. Among the evidence fans presented was a supposed screenshot leak depicting a map of a place called Wintersmith Mansion surrounded by a Bully-esque UI. More alleged leaks followed, including an image of someone who was assumed to be Bully's protagonist standing on the street in a baseball cap.

Those leaks have since been revealed as fakes, with their creator Felipe Borges coming forward on Twitter to own up to the deception. "Sorry guys," he wrote, "it was all a concept made by me, it went too far".

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The Bully 2 subreddit is taking this about as well as you'd expect. The current top post says, "Someday a real leaker will come and with so many fake leakers we've seen we won't believe him .... have you thought about that?" and the one immediately below it declares, "I HATE THIS WORLD".

Jody Macgregor
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