Broforce's Ballad of Rambro is an anthem to unite all freedom-loving bros

Broforce video

It was over a year ago that we rustled up an Early Access review of Broforce, the machismo-soaked side-scrolling massacre simulator from the star-spangled stand up guys at Free Lives and Devolver Digital. There have been a couple of fairly significant updates since then, one bringing us an Alien Infestation and the other, simple, glorious Freedom. Somehow, it's remained in Early Access through all that—a situation which is about to change. And to celebrate the magic moment, Devolver has released what may be the most 'merican promotional video of all time: The Ballad of Rambro.

The full release of Broforce will include a new set of campaign missions pitting the bro-team against Satan. Yes, that Satan. Anyone who purchases the game during the Early Access period will also get the ultra-patriotic Freedom EP, which contains five tracks including the Broforce theme song and the full version of The Ballad of Rambro.

Broforce will come out of Early Access on October 15. Enjoy the music, bro.

Andy Chalk

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