Broforce update brings an Alien Infestation

Broforce - Alien Infestation 6

As if it wasn't enough to completely eradicate terrorism, now the Broforce have to deal with a new extraterrestrial threat. Still, they'll rise to the occasion—if only to protect the world for freedom and eagles and, er, whatever it is '80s pastiches want to protect.

Broforce has just been given its latest early access update. The Alien Infestation Update brings all manner of xenomorphic beasties to the game via a new campaign chapter.

Broforce is a 2D action platformer about explosions and level deformation. It's already a lot of fun—one of the few early access games I'd unconditionally recommend, especially for those with a co-op partner or three. In fact, the Alien Infestation update adds extra co-op considerations: players attacked by facehuggers must be taken down by their friends before bursting into something much more dangerous. Neat!

The Alien Infestation Update is out now. For more details, head over to the Broforce Steam page.

Phil Savage

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