Brink launch events to feature live matches and Quake pros

brink thumb

Brink's set to launch in less than a day in the US, and Brink TV are running a couple of live online launch events to celebrate. The events will invite some of the best Quake and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars players to deliver feedback on Brink's multiplayer mode, and shoutcasters will be commentating on a series of King of the Hill matches that will be open to anyone who wants to join. The whole thing will be broadcast live on the web.

You'll find all the details on the day one and day two Brink events over on the Brink TV site. As well as a live podcast from Brink TV and leading Brink community members, there will be contributions from leading members of the Quake and Enemy Territory pro circuits, who will be delivering feedback on Brink's potential to become a competitive esport.

Brink TV will also be giving away copies of the game over the course of the two events, and the broadcast King of the Hill matches should give us a good look at how the game really works in a live multiplayer environment. You'll find plenty more footage of the game in action on the official Brink site .

Tom Senior

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