Bring home a 34-inch 144Hz FreeSync monitor for just $314 (save $189)

Bring home a 34-inch 144Hz FreeSync monitor for just $314
It's a certified refurbished model from Acer, but is backed by a 2-year warranty and heavily discounted. (Image credit: Acer)

It's not very often I call attention to refurbished deals, but this one warrants an exception. For one, it's being offered up direct from Acer on its eBay account, and secondly, it is backed by a two-year warranty (through eBay's partnership with Allstate), rather than just 90 days or some other piddly time frame.

Combined with the heavy discount in play, this is definitely worth a look. Acer has it marked down to $369.99 on eBay, compared to its $558.99 list price. However, if you apply coupon code PICKCR4MOM at checkout, it drops the price even further, all the way down to $314.49.

Acer 34-Inch Gaming Monitor (Certified Refurbished) | 3440x1440 | 144Hz | $499.99

Acer 34-Inch Gaming Monitor (Certified Refurbished) | 3440x1440 | 144Hz | $499.99 $314.49 (save $189)
Don't be scared off by the recertified status—this monitor comes direct from Acer (via eBay) is backed by a two-year warranty. It's also heavily discounted, after applying coupon code PICKCR4MOM at checkout.

This monitor is built around a curved 34-inch VA panel with a 3440x1440 resolution (21:9 aspect ratio), giving you lots of onscreen real estate. It's also fast, with a 144Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort or 100Hz when connecting it with an HDMI cable, and a 1ms response time.

It qualifies as a FreeSync Premium Pro display too, meaning if offers up variable refresh rate support to sync the screen with your Radeon GPU to keep the action smooth, and can handle HDR content. To that latter point, it has a peak brightness of 400 nits—enough to earn a DisplayHDR 400 badge and FreeSync Premium Pro designation, but on LCD monitors, HDR really shines at 1,000 nits.

Still, it technically checks the HDR box, even though I wouldn't buy it solely for that reason. Other features include a 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs, two HDMI 2.0 inputs, and built-in 80W speakers.

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