Brainiac himself seemingly leaks a future Suicide Squad playable character

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If you thought the four playable villains of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League were already a lot to juggle, get ready for Task Force X to grow. Rocksteady is planning to release four new characters over the next year of updates, with Joker already announced as the first to arrive in March. Now, thanks to a slip up by Brainiac himself, we have a good idea who the second recruit will be, too.

In a clip shared by ZeronityPlays on Reddit, a Harley player is taken down by a brute, which triggers an antagonistic Brainiac voice line that was seemingly directed at an unannounced villain: "I didn't expect you to be the weak link in this chain, Freeze."


Sounds like famed Batman villain Mr. Freeze, or at least a version of Freeze, is on the way. Technically, all of the post-launch characters in Suicide Squad will come from "Elseworld" versions of Earth, which explains why we're getting a vaudeville-inspired Joker with a rocket umbrella despite him being very much dead in the Arkham series. The suggestion of Mr. Freeze is also consistent with a leak from Twitter user Miller Ross, who claims this version of Mr. Freeze will actually be a woman named Victoria Fries (presumably pronounced like "freeze", not french fries). 

Am I crazy or did Brainiac just call me Freeze from r/SuicideSquadGaming

Since getting around Metropolis is half the fun of Suicide Squad, all I can think about is what Freeze's traversal trick could be. An easy solution would be some sort of ice jetpack, but personally I hope Freeze skates along icey ramps they create on the fly. It'd be especially cool if other teammates could then use those ramps as platforms to gain speed or reset their movement cooldowns.

With Freeze seeming like a lock, it's worth considering the rest of Ross' leaked lineup: season 3's Lawless, a somewhat obscure character who was in the Suicide Squad during World War 2, and season 4's Deathstroke. I don't know what to make of Lawless, but Deathstroke sounds like a good pull if Rocksteady can properly differentiate him from Deadshot.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League season 1 begins in March.

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