Bounty hunting is coming to Starbound

Starbound, the spacefaring sandbox, will be filled with criminals awaiting capture and judgement, making work for bounty hunters, in the 1.4 update. Players will be able to become a space cop, arresting naughty humans and aliens for the Peacekeeper faction. 

If you decide to walk down the path of a righteous crook-snatcher, you’ll need to hit up the bounty board, beginning your mission to clap some naughty criminal in irons. Catching them won’t be simple, however, warns developer Chucklefish.

“Tracking down one of these criminals isn’t a straightforward affair though—you will have to follow leads across multiple planets, raiding safehouses for your next clue, or fighting off members of your target’s gang. Sometimes you’ll have to take targets alive as well, using the Peacekeeper device known as the Long Arm. This gauntlet lets you handcuff targets remotely, but requires careful aim to lock down the perp!”

Chucklefish will spill more details over the coming weeks.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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