Blood Bowl 3's closed beta touches down early next year

Blood Bowl 3 orc
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Update: You can't get access to Blood Bowl 3's beta by preordering it on Steam, as we previously stated, but you can get into the beta by preordering the upcoming edition of the tabletop game

Original story: It's been a long off-season for fans of bloody, high-fantasy American football. But there's not too much longer to wait before the games kick off once more, as Blood Bowl 3 prepares to enter closed beta early next year.

Announced back in 2019, the third season of Warhammer's fantasy football spinoff aims to overhaul its ruleset to match the new edition of the boxed tabletop game. Unfortunately, it missed the whistle on that one, unceremoniously punting its release into 2021.

At the very least, Blood Bowl 3 is adding four new teams introduced in this year's edition of the board game—Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Chaos Renegades and the Old World Alliance. Special Play Cards will also let you buff your players or backstab opponents before the start of the game, while a new campaign mode will see star players invite your team round for a kickabout.

What's less certain is whether the new ruleset will kill the previous game's biggest problem, one I share with James Davenport's Blood Bown 2 review: that resolving every single action down to a dice roll, no matter how small, results in a game that can often feel a frustrating nightmare. 

While there's still no firm release date, Cyanide today announced that there'll be a closed beta early next year. A pre-season, if you will. For now, access will be granted to folks who preorder Blood Bowl 3 on Steam, though the devs are planning to reveal other ways to enter the beta as we approach its release.

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