Blood Bowl 3 adds new teams and cards that let you assassinate the competition

Blood Bowl 3 orc
(Image credit: Nacon)

Back in August, after a period of silence lasting for almost a year, Blood Bowl 3, the round-based mix of fantasy football and fantasy warfare, got delayed to early 2021, like just about everything this year. During the recent Games Made in France streaming event, which usually takes the form of a number of booths during Paris Games Week, developer Cyanide Studio offered a few new crumbs of info on what to look forward to in your next outing as coach. 

To be more faithful to the board game, Blood Bowl 3 will add teams that were added to the boardgame's 2020 edition. It will also introduce Special Play Cards, cards that temporarily buff your players or assassinate an opposing team's top player ahead of the match.

Blood Bowl 3 adds four new races to the eight previously available ones: Black Orcs, the Imperial Nobility, the Old World Alliance, and Chaos Renegades. The Imperial Nobility isn't actually a race—instead it's a motley crew of nobles wearing frilly clothes and quite impressive shiny armor to do what they've been paid to do, beat their opponents to pulp in the service of other nobles who like to watch violence from a distance. One of the Imperial Nobility's special skills is their ability to restrict other teams in their movement. Chaos Renegades by comparison are the exact opposite, basically Borderland's psychos—players so full of malice they couldn't find any other team. In Blood Bowl, as in Warhammer, being mean is half the fun, so they'll make an excellent addition.

There's also going to be a campaign mode in which star players will invite your team to play—I'm not entirely sure how that works, but it sounds as if the star players are essentially going to take the role of generals on the grassy battlefield of American football. Apart from that, you'll get some extra customisation shenanigans, including options for colours, patterns, logos, pieces of armour and stadiums. 

It's not tons of new info, but it is a sign of life. If you speak French, you can watch the whole interview with Cyanide Studio here on Twitch