Blood Bowl 3 has been punted back to 2021

The fantasy races of Warhammer are once again preparing to take a break from their relentless wars to instead beat the crap out of each other for sport. Blood Bowl 3 was announced in 2019 and was expected to appear this year, but we've not heard a peep since. It finally resurfaced this week and is still on its way, but it's been pushed back until 2021. 

IGN got its hands on a new trailer for Gamescom, but unfortunately it's a cinematic, so how it looks in action remains a mystery. You can, at least, gawk at a bunch of screenshots. 

Blood Bowl 3 will launch with 12 races, a campaign and multiplayer modes, but Cyanide isn't giving much else away. On Steam, the description isn't any more informative and could be used for any Blood Bowl game. 

It's a turn-based romp inspired by American Football, but with all the fantasy violence you'd expect from Warhammer. Your players are persistent, so they gain experience, learn new skills, get injured and die. So many promising careers cut short by the feet of a charging orgre. 

In James's Blood Bowl 2 review, he called it "the flashiest iteration of the game so far," but he was less enamoured with the RNG, adding that "its dice rolls are frustrating, and its ample ruleset isn't introduced well to newcomers."

A new edition of the tabletop game is coming this year, promising new and enhanced rules, as well as more polish. Maybe some of that will rub off on its digital counterpart. Alternatively, I'd love to see Cyanide play a bit fast and loose with the rules instead of trying to recreate the tabletop game—a digital Blood Bowl that really leans into the different medium.

Blood Bowl 3 is due out in early 2021, 

Fraser Brown
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