Bizarre Hotline Miami 2 voicemail hints at March release

Hotline Miami 2 5

Late yesterday afternoon, a strange number appeared on the Hotline Miami 2 Twitter feed. A telephone number, to be precise, and so I did what any normal person would do when confronted with an unadorned phone number on the internet: I called it.

A message played after I dialed in, predictably bizarre and slightly garbled, but as best as I could make it out, it went like this: "We are 50 Blessings. Together we march—m-m-m-m-march—into the future. You have reached a wrong number."

Devolver Digital did something similar a couple years ago for the original Hotline Miami, but this time around there's no option to leave a voicemail, nor to enter the extension, 10, that's included with the number. The likelihood would instead seem to be that it's a sly way of revealing the launch date: March (M-m-m-m-march) 10. Not March 50: According to the Hotline Miami wiki, which I refer to because I am neither smart nor twitchy enough to be able to finish it myself, 50 Blessings is a faction from the game. Also, there's no such thing as March 50.

The Hotline Miami account hasn't tweeted since it posted the number, but March 10 would fit with the target of late 2014 or early 2015 that was given when Hotline Miami 2 was delayed back in October 2014. Mark your calendars—oh, and give it a try for yourselves, if you can spare the dime, at (786) 519-3708, ext 10.

Andy Chalk

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