Hotline Miami 2 pushed back, possibly to 2015


Dennaton's Hotline Miami was a heck of a game: weird, warped, fantastic soundtrack. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, as evidenced by this trailer, promises more of the same, and was expected to arrive this fall. Alas, it's going to take a bit longer than expected.

It's impossible to nail down the extent of the delay, since Hotline Miami 2 never had a release target more precise than the Q3 of this year, nor does it now. But given that we're in October, Q3 is definitely out the window. Here's what the game's official account tweeted:

A follow up tweet added: "Your patience is appreciated and will ultimately be rewarded with everything you hoped for and nothing like what you expected." That last bit is a little cryptic. I expect a bloody, top-down action game with some bizarre plot twists that may or may not make me consider my complicity in the culture of casual violence that permeates Western society. Will I get a point-and-click adventure instead? Perhaps something Peggle-esque, or a hidden object adventure?

Any or all of which would be perfectly fine with me, for the record, but I suspect the great likelihood is that it will look much as it does in the 80-plus minute gameplay video that leaked out in August—which is to say, very much like it's predecessor, only even more lurid and deranged. That's okay too.

Andy Chalk

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