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how to emote in borderlands 3
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It feels like every indie game we've been following has just released or is right around the corner, Overland and Untitled Goose Game being just a couple that came out this week. We also weathered some esports drama, yet another game launcher, and an RPG which involves using the corpse of a goblin as a vehicle. Here's your weekly recap:

Get in on this broken Borderlands 3 legendary loot spot before Gearbox fixes it

Or maybe Gearbox won't fix it? The Borderlands games historically haven't minded much when broken builds or other ungodly ways to gain power show up. This trick does seem a bit excessive, though.

This player beat Minecraft without ever taking a single step

The Ender Dragon didn't stand a chance against his rowboat movement tactics and a pig named Little Timmy.

Hearthstone pro caught playing Auto Chess during Grandmasters league match after making huge mistake

It wasn't the best idea, but it is kind of funny.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The big Steam library update is now available to everyone

You have to enable the beta client to try our Steam's new smart sorting and library design. It's a bit busy, but some of the new features are nice.

Rockstar has released its own game launcher

Rockstar already had a launcher in its Social Club client, sort of, but this is much more the real deal. You get a free copy of GTA San Andreas for installing it, if for some reason you have never played the incredibly popular 2004 game.

Suspect who DDOSed World of Warcraft Classic is arrested

DDOSing a game for no reason is not wise.

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Around the office

Chris played a very strange RPG, Hardland, in which rolling around in the corpse of the Goblin King as if it were a hamster ball isn't the weirdest thing he did. See a gif from his important investigation below.

Meanwhile, Morgan checked out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta and enjoyed some of the Rainbow Six Siege-like elements that have come along. But, as he discovered, killstreak rewards have a way of blowing up attempts at sneaky tactical play with large missiles.

Speaking of Siege, I played it a little at launch, but quickly decided it wasn't for me—I just didn't have the reflexes for it, I figured. That's silly though, because I can hold my own in Ratz Instagib (against non-godlike players, at least). Having gotten back into Siege now, I see what I was missing—that it's more about information than speedy shooting, even if the latter helps. I've been playing it every night, to the slight detriment of my Rocket League abilities. It's worth checking out if you originally bounced off it, too. I'm still bad at it, but there's been improvement.

For a very different flavor of shooting, James continued gunning around in Borderlands 3, and found some pleasantly broken builds if you feel like one-shotting bosses.

And now it is time for the weekend. Have a great one, and may none of the Sea of Thieves outposts you visit have Chris on them.

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