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Welcome to our weekly news digest, where you'll find the latest piecemeal updates about Netflix's Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, and also other things that happened in PC gaming. There was a lot of news this week—but it never really slows down—so let's dive in.

Valve may be working on a new game code-named Citadel

Yet another Valve rumor has come from a Dota 2 update, which sometimes contain references to clearly non-Dota things.

GTA Online's casino update is out next week

You can get a free penthouse if you're a Twitch Prime subscriber. Otherwise, we expect they'll cost a lot of GTA bucks.

Chinese FF14 players are eating inhuman piles of KFC to earn Chocobos

It seems they didn't want people to buy the family-sized meals for the code and then throw them out, so you have to eat them to get one. Some brave gamers have decided to take the challenge on alone.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have a 'hardcore mode' with no UI, but not Lady Gaga

I'm not sure how the rumor that Lady Gaga would be in Cyberpunk got started, but there you go, it's not true. Samuel's tweet about Cyberpunk news hasn't entirely come to pass yet, but there are still quite a few weeks before its release date:

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PC passes PS4 to become Ubisoft's top revenue generator

A company that once had a troubled relationship with the PC has now seen it become its best-performing platform. Microsoft also saw an increase in PC revenue.

Unearthed The Sims design docs show the internal debate over same-sex relationships

A programmer who hadn't realized there was any debate over it at all just added it to the game, and it stuck.

The Witcher will be a 'very adult' show with lots of monsters, no villain

Finally: confirmation that there will be monsters. We also got a look at Roach this week. You will probably not be surprised to discover that Roach looks like a horse.

Oh, and we also got a trailer. Happy Friday! Here it is:

Tim Willits is leaving id Software

He's been with the Doom and Quake developer since 1995. Years ago, he regaled me with the story of the discovery of rocket jumping, and because I'm stupid I didn't record it. I remember it being a good story, though!

Leaked Marvel's Avengers video shows Thor gameplay

It's not the best view of the action from Comic-con, but you can watch it below.

This working calculator in Cities: Skylines is powered by human poo

The most important story of the week by far.

Intel says it was too aggressive pursuing 10nm, will have 7nm chips in 2021

"The short story is we learned from it, we'll get our 10nm node out this year," said Intel CEO Bob Swan. "Our 7nm node will be out in two years and it will be a 2.0X scaling so back to the historical Moore's Law curve."

One of the best Witcher 3 graphics mods is even better now

The Witcher 3 was already a pretty game, but this mod significantly increases the detail and sharpness of the textures.

• Gamers with godlike reflexes are racing to break world records in this rhythm game

One of our most-read stories of the week. Their skills really are a sight to behold.

More news

Tweet of the week

During last week's PC Gaming Show (you can watch it Wednesdays at 1 pm Pacific on Twitch), Steven learned that he doesn't know as much about bug anatomy as he thought.

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Around the office

It happened again. The first time, it was Wes who carelessly swung his sword near a Sea of Thieves powder keg, wiping the entire squad and sinking our galleon. This time, I am ashamed to admit that it was me. But it was just a misclick! And honestly, I was nowhere near the barrel, or so I thought. After that, I resolved to switch to two guns, and then empty them of ammo before acquiring any more gunpowder.

Meanwhile, Evan was having a very good night in Apex Legends, and also explored a very strange game set in the remains of Earth's last de_dust2 server. 

Finally, both Andy and James attempted to do some virtual woodworking. Good job, guys!

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That's all, folks. Have a great weekend and may your clicks all be on purpose and not the kind that blow up all your treasure.

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