GTA Online's casino update is out next week, here's the trailer

For weeks (years, actually), GTA 5 players have been wondering when Los Santos' long-dormant Vinewood casino was going to open. Now we know—it's coming next week, as Rockstar has formally revealed its Diamond Casino & Resort is going to open its doors on July 23 as part of GTA Online. You can check out the first trailer for the casino update above. That sure looks like Brucie Kibbutz from GTA 4 making an appearance in the teaser, huh?

Using Chips, which sound like they're the in-game casino currency rather than GTA money, you can play Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Slot Machines. There's also virtual horse racing, and a penthouse. The casino even has an official website, which mentions two tiers of membership: standard and VIP, the latter of which unlocks when you purchase a penthouse there. 

There's also an element called the Lucky Wheel, which sounds like it gives out random prizes. "Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week," is how Rockstar describes it. "And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won."

Penthouses seem to be at the heart of the content update. They automatically confer VIP membership status upon the owner, and sound like high-end new properties, with spa rooms, spare bedrooms and even private bars touted as part of the offering. A new casino store will let you decorate the place with art, from "portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture". I'm curious about how much it'll cost to get started (update: linking your Social Club account to your Twitch Prime account before the end of the 19th gets you the Master Penthouse for free). 

The Penthouse grants a new set of co-op missions, where you'll work with casino owner Tao Cheng to keep the place safe from rich, threatening Texans. Completing all the missions here will unlock a new vehicle for free, although Rockstar doesn't say what it is. 

The opening had been teased with building works around the exterior since early June, and the resort was formally revealed and named later on that month. It's the first major update to the game since Arena War in late December. This brings almost six years of speculation about the casino to an end. 

Samuel Roberts
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