Valve may be working on a new game code-named Citadel

(Image credit: Valve)

Those mysterious wizards at Valve are up to something, and it may be related to Half-Life. What exactly is going on isn't clear, but based on recent updates to existing Valve games, it has something to do with the Citadel. In the video below, Valve News Network's Tyler McVicker explains what the community has unearthed in a recent low-level engine update to Dota 2.

Initially, Citadel appeared to refer to a level in the still-unannounced Half-Life VR project, but McVicker says that it eventually became apparent that it's an entirely separate Source 2 project. What it might actually be is anybody's guess, but it "has a lot of things related to stealth, AI pathfinding, and a top-view minimap," and according to McVicker is definitely not the "flagship" VR game Valve teased earlier this year. 

Interesting, right? Of course, as McVicker is careful to say, there's no confirmation this is a new Half-Life game, or that it's even a shooter. Since the Citadel project appears to be using a similar Source 2 build as Dota 2, chances are pretty good it's a top-down tactics game.

But Source 2 can do a lot of things, and there's really no telling what Citadel is going to look like—yet. Is there still room in the world for a new Half-Life? I'm going to go ahead and guess "yes."