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Beyond Good and Evil 2 teases explosive in-game footage

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A year on from Beyond Good & Evil 2's unlikely trailer debut (opens in new tab), Ubisoft showed us more of the elusive action role-player during its E3 2018 conference. 

A full-on cinematic featured the original game's Jade (opens in new tab), while a short helping of new in-game footage teased life in Ganesha—the game's sprawling metropolis setting. 

Here's a closer look at the city's bustling marketplace, cavernous temples and wide open skies. Naturally, the latter is best punctuated by dogfights and explosions: 

I posted this in our cinematic reveal story (opens in new tab), but it's neat enough that I want to slot it in here too. Ubisoft breaks down what we've seen so far:

More information on Beyond Good & Evil 2 can be found on its official site (opens in new tab)