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Bethesda announce first Dishonored DLC - Dunwall City Trials

Bethesda have just announced the first DLC for Dishonored, titled the Dunwall City Trials. It's a time-trial and score-attack challenge pack that, they claim, will put your combat, stealth and mobility skills to the test.

The ten maps are set in the abstract world of the Outsider and will feature a range of objectives, including collecting clues to help identify and assassinate a target, a Thief-like non-lethal mansion infiltration, a wave-based battle against tallboys, weepers, thugs and guards, and a challenge to chain as many drop-kills as possible.

A high score leaderboard will rank your score, letting you brag about your blink prowess. Naturally there'll also be a selection of new achievements.

Dunwall City Trials is due for release on December 11, and will cost £3.99.

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