Beta test signups for Stalker-inspired battle royale game Fear the Wolves are now open

Fear the Wolves is a "post-apocalyptic first person shooter battle royale" being developed by Vostok Games, the team behind the still-in-beta online shooter Survarium that's made up of former developers of Stalker. That pedigree is what makes it so interesting: Yes, it's yet another gang of 100 shooters facing off in a digital arena to see who will be the last one standing, but the Exclusion Zone-style setting, with anomalies, variable weather, and a day/night cycle has the potential to set it apart. Oh, and there are radioactive wolves, too.

(Full disclosure: I'm a big Stalker fan, so there may be a certain element of bias in my assessment.) 

Vostok hasn't revealed much more about Fear the Wolves than the bare-bone basics, but it's now taking signups for an upcoming beta that will give players a chance to actually see the game from behind the trigger. "Fear the Wolves is reaching the next stage of development, and is now at a point where we love more player feedback," the studio said on Twitter.

Beta test signups are open now at There's no word on when the beta will begin or how long it will run, but Vostok did specify that the beta will only be available on PC at first. There was also apparently an issue with the system rejecting some email addresses, but that should be cleared up now. Fear the Wolves is currently expected to be out later this year. 

Andy Chalk

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