The best Perks for Warzone

Best Warzone perks - a Warzone operator downs an enemy with a Crossbow.
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Perks have been a staple of all the best Warzone loadouts the game has to offer, so why not find out more about the best Warzone perks in general? Some classes have very similar perk combinations, but with the addition of recent brand new perks exclusive to Warzone, it's well worth going through and figuring out which works best.

In this guide, I've gone through and explained the viable perks in each category, with a bit of information on how best to use them and in which loadouts they work best. Enjoy!

Best Perks in Warzone

In each of the perk tiers, there are a total of 6-7 perks, and you can only pick one of each in your loadout. Not all of them are created equal, and they do not stack. For example, if you get a loadout with EOD then get another loadout with Double Time, you'll only get the benefit of the most recent set of perks you've collected. In this case, that's Double Time.

Now that's all sorted, here's all the info you need.

Best choices for Warzone Perk 1

There are some solid choices for the first perk slot. Here are my very favourites.


EOD is the perk you'll most often see recommended to you in the top loadouts for Warzone in my guides. This is because it's just so useful, all of the time. Enemies will often push you with Semtex or Thermite grenades, or hunker down using Claymores or Proximity Mines for cover. EOD is fantastic for avoiding a grisly death and will frequently give you just enough time and health to win a fight you otherwise would've lost. When in doubt, pick EOD.


Cold-Blooded used to be massively popular back in the very early days of Warzone when everyone and their auntie used thermal optics. Those days are gone, but Cold-Blooded still makes a decent splash in the current meta because of its proxy buff. You don't trigger the High Alert warning when looking at enemies, and Combat Scout does not affect you when you run Cold-Blooded. We'll talk more about those perks later, but let's just say that you're in a really good place with ice in your veins.

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Double Time

I'm not as into this one as I am the other two choices in the Perk 1 category, but Double Time undoubtedly has its uses. It boosts your tactical sprint duration, which is nice but not as necessary if you know how to slide-cancel, and also improves your crouch movement speed. This second bonus is what you're really here for, as it lets you move much quicker while still being all but silent moving towards and surprising enemies.

Best choices for Perk 2

I wish I could pick three perks from this section. Alas, we must prioritise.


Most of the loadouts I write are based on the assumption that you'll use the Overkill perk. Having two primary weapons is so absurdly powerful that I'll usually take it unless I happen to have salvaged an ideal loadout from a kill or gained ridiculously lucky ground loot. Obviously, it doesn't give you any extra bonuses, but Overkill is worth using anyway, and you can try to get a different perk later - you'll be able to keep your Overkill gun by picking it back up.


Everyone knows why Ghost is here. It's just so darn good. Taking you off the radar for UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors means you'll be at a huge advantage when the final circles close in, and any victories I've somehow managed to get have been partly down to this perk. If in doubt, pick Ghost. There's a reason almost half of people do (according to WZRanked).

High Alert

From here, we'll be going into more niche picks, but ones that can serve you extremely well if you're comfortable playing without being Ghosted. High Alert shows you a directional pulse on your screen when you're being aimed at (as long as the enemy isn't using Cold Blooded). This gives you that extra split second to know bullets are coming and divert yourself to cover, which can be a big saving grace if you're caught short. The added bonus though? Players using Dead Silence are now audible. No more will you be flanked by chumps sprinting in fluffy slippers. They'll be the same as everyone else. You're welcome.


​​Restock is a very strong perk, and it's the fourth one on this list. Perk slot two is wild. In Warzone, it recharges your equipment over 50 seconds. That means Claymores, Semtex, Stun Grenades. All of the goodies you've been chucking at baddies will be recharged, hopefully in time for your next fight. It's best used by more aggressive players looking to constantly push foes with explosives, or by campers who want to set up a wall of mines and lock down all points of entry.


The newest perk to enter this perk slot is still really good! Honestly! Having a faster re-plating time can be the difference between victory and defeat, and the fact that you only need two plates to get to full health rather than three means you'll run out far less often in the late-game. Pick it when you're in need of armour with a quick loadout drop towards the end of the match, and pair it with a Fully Loaded weapon so you can be buffed up and ready to enter the fight right away.

Best choices for Perk 3

This slot used to be a foregone conclusion until recently. Now, it's a real choice between some real powerhouses.


Amped is the classic pick for perk slot three. Coupled with Overkill, it'll let you swap your weapons far faster, as well as letting you use equipment more quickly too. It's brilliant for swapping between your AR and SMG, or your sniper and sniper support weapon at short notice, and helps massively with surprise engagements. It also just makes your weapons feel that bit more snappy too, and is a really good go-to option, particularly when you're using slightly slower handling guns like LMGs and heavy ARs.

Combat Scout

Combat Scout is a real banger of a perk. When you hit an enemy, it highlights them in bright red for you, making it extremely easy to hit your follow-up shots even if they start to run away. It also marks the foe on your map for your teammates, letting them snap onto them and get shots away without you even pinging. Since its addition it's been a real tough choice, and I enjoy using Combat Scout whenever I'm decked out with a long-range gun I don't think I'll be switching from, or when using a run-and-gun SMG class. Of course, this won't work against someone running Cold Blooded, but for everyone else it's brilliant.


Tracker lies quite far away from the top two as a perk to use, but it has its uses. Being able to run behind enemies and see their footprint trail is super handy when ducking in and out of buildings and chasing enemies at close range. It's easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the steps rather than the road ahead though, so stay focused and you might just enjoy using Tracker.

That's all for the best Warzone perks guide! Why not try them out in some builds, like this spicy Kar98k loadout or the best Stoner 63 loadout?