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Fancy trying out a new Among Us mod? Among Us may not be dominating Twitch as much as it once was, but it's still lots of fun to hop in and accuse your friends of being sus. As Tyler mentioned in his article on the state of Among Us in 2021, there are a few major updates to look forward to this year—including the Airship map—giving us even more reasons to return to The Skeld, Polus, and MIRA HQ.

If you're finding it a little too easy to spot the impostor among your pals, I've handpicked a selection of mods to challenge you. From custom skins to entirely new modes, here are the best Among Us mods, and how to install them.

How to download & install mods

How to download and install Among Us mods

Here's how to install Among Us mods:

  • Download and unzip the mod.
  • Go to the Among Us install directory. On Steam, right-click the game, select Manage, and click Browse local files.
  • Drop all files from the zip folder into your Among Us directory (the folder that contains Among Us.exe).
  • Run the game and wait for the mod to start—this may take a few minutes the first time.
  • To verify the mod is installed, check the text in the top left of the menu screen, it'll display the name of the mod here.

Game-changing twists

Extra Roles

This Among Us mod mixes things up with four new roles. Extra Roles goes beyond the regular crewmate/impostor split by adding an Engineer, Joker, Medic, and Officer to the game. This gives crewmates individual powers to spice up the game and make it feel even more tactical than before. Here's a brief summary of each role and how they work:

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  • Engineer: Able to repair one emergency per game from anywhere on the entire map. Free to use vents.
  • Joker: Not a crewmate or imposter. Your sole goal is to get voted off the ship to win.
  • Medic: Give another crewmate a shield to protect them (the shield breaks when the Medic dies). The Medic also receives a report containing hints about the killer when they find a corpse.
  • Officer: Technically on the crewmates' team, but they're able to kill other players. Their objective is to kill the impostor, but if they shoot an innocent crewmate they'll die instead.

Extra Roles works on Innersloth's servers, just make sure that everybody has the same version of the mod installed.

Break the conventional Among Us rules and chat to nearby players with the CrewLink proximity chat mod. Previously, your only communication options were to use the chat window to message each other, use the Quickchat wheel, or conduct Emergency Meetings using voice comms on Discord. 

Remaining quiet while conducting tasks stops crewmates from rumbling the impostor too quickly, however this mod lets you talk to nearby friends (or foes) without blurting accusations out to the entire server.

New modes

If you're looking for a public Among Us server to play on, is a great place to make new friends and play custom game modes. It's hosted by members of the community and they're doing their best to create a server that operates 24/7. Unlike other mods where you download and install them individually, you can use's custom launcher to try out these modes:


The zombies custom mode secretly turns the impostor into a zombie. Rather than kill unsuspecting crewmates, their job is to infect everyone else on the ship. There are no emergency meetings or opportunities to sabotage, and the crewmates' only goal is to complete tasks. This simplifies Among Us matches even further by removing some of its staple mechanics, but it sure looks fun.

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Cops & Robbers

As you've likely already guessed, impostors play the cops, and crewmates are the robbers in this scenario. Crewmates can wander around the map, but if they're caught by an impostor they'll be taken to the Security room where they'll remain until another crewmate can help them escape. There are a couple of safe zones where crewmates cannot be caught, and they can still win the game by completing all their tasks.


This is very close to a regular Among Us match, but instead of following the original vent routes planned for each map, this mod randomises where you'll end up. Both crewmates and impostors can use the vents, but you'll need to keep your wits about you as you zoom around each map's underground tunnels. The fact that all players are able to use the vents makes it feel especially dangerous to use them while racing to complete your tasks.


This mod randomly assigns the Doctor role to one of the crewmates. Playing as the Medic, you'll be able to revive dead teammates in the MedBay. So, if you find them elsewhere on the map, you'll also have the option to pick them up and drag their corpse to this location. YouTuber Sloppy Gaming has a video outlining how this mod works, but if you're keen to try it out yourself you'll need to join their Discord channel and download the files.


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Custom skins

If you're eager to support the developer, Innersloth has seven cosmetic bundles. These range from map-themed skins to different pets that wander around the ship with you. I recommend checking the official skins out first, but if you're looking for custom cosmetics that you can't buy from the Steam Store, there are plenty of mods to choose from on You can take to The Skeld's eerie hallways disguised as Sonic or Mario, or even equip a Big Brain hat for your 200 IQ deceptive tactics.

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