Beat Saber slashes VR sales records after shipping 4 million copies

beat saber
(Image credit: Beat Games)

Beat Saber has officially sold over 4 million copies, along with over 40 million paid DLC songs.

The game's team took to Twitter to thank everybody for playing the game, adding "this is just the beginning." Beat Saber has doubled its sales in less than a year after Oculus reported in 2020 that it had crossed the threshold of 2 million copies sold, two years after initial release.

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It's hard to be 100% definitive, but Beat Saber's 4 million sold (and counting) is the highest figure we've seen for any VR title so far. Its wide availability across different headsets—PSVR, Oculus, HTC Vive—has no doubt helped. The game's seen a steady release of content over the last three years, with multiple DLC song packs, a level editor, and even a multiplayer mode which released in October.

VR has struggled to find its place in the gaming mainstream, but 2020 was a big year for growth. Half-Life: Alyx was a huge hit, currently sitting at the top of Steam's VR best sellers list. Steam reported a 39% increase in VR games sales, too. While we can't predict the future, we've taken a good look at the state of VR and what 2021 may look like in the virtual world.

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