Be gay, solve crimes in the Season of Pride sale event

Season of Pride 2021 logo
(Image credit: MidBoss)

It may be the season of eternal conferences, but it's also the season of Pride for many, which is why indie developer MidBoss are running the Season of Pride across Steam and Twitch during June and July.

Until the 23rd of June, a number of LGBTQ+ games will be on sale on Steam, divided into categories that suggest they really know their audience: who in the community does not recognise the rallying cry of "Be gay, [verb] crimes"?

The sale includes a number of recognisable indie hits, such as Gone Home, Monster Camp, and 2064: Read Only Memories, as well more hidden gems like geriatric dating sim Later Daters. Most of these games are available at a steep discount—including Monster Prom at exactly 69% off, let nobody say that choice of number went unnoticed.

In addition to the sale, MidBoss have partnered with a number of content creators on Twitch to create a schedule of "gayming" content throughout the month of July, where you can see more at the Season of Pride website. The line up includes both indie games from the sale and mainstream favourites—I spotted Dragon Age 2 and The Sims 4 among them.

The hope with Season of Pride is to surpass the money raised from last year's event, with $25,000 having previously been donated to LGBTQ+ charities Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project, and GaymerX.

You can find the Season of Pride sale event on Steam until the 23rd of June, with the Twitch events following through the whole month of July.