Be a robo-judge hunting down dystopian criminals in the demo of Mega City Police

Want to play a game where a you're a wildly irresponsible, extremely dangerous police officer with a suite of armaments you probably shouldn't have fighting equally-overarmed villains in a dystopian future city? Well, aspiring cyborg-cop or dreadful judge-jury-executioner type, there's an upcoming game for you: Mega City Police.

Mega City Police is an action roguelike about blasting your way through city streets overrun with viciously psychopathic criminals out for blood. After choosing one of a few character archetypes you go into top-down shooter action against hordes of enemies and bosses. As you go, you pick up cool new weapons and special abilities to customize and define your playstyle.

The prelude version of Mega City Police is out now, and lets you play the first 2 levels of the game as any of the 4 playable police officer classes. The full game intends to have more outfits, officers, guns, abilities, and more stylish future police cars to drive.

It's pretty dang stylish, to boot, sporting retro-styled graphics that bend at the corners for that CRT monitor vibe and overflowing with chunky, squat pixel art of the late 90s Metal Slug school. It's overlaid with a synthwave soundtrack sure to make you, uh, synth some waves or something—it's by Australian artist Droid Bishop.

The "Prelude" demo has some neat stuff going on. I got pretty attached to the Cyborg officer, who can carry more weapons and take more hits than others. That's because I think it is good when you have lots of varied ways to blow things up. I will not be dissuaded in this belief, thanks. It's not certified for now, but this one's going to be prime Steam Deck material for me.

You can find Mega City Police: Prelude on Steam alongside the game proper, Mega City Police, which will release "soon." It's developed by Amsterdam-based Undreamed Games, aka Andreu Accensi, and published by Batumi, Georgia-based Ravenage Games.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.