Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation DLC sends you to North Korea

Because it's the Dark Knight, it doesn't surprise me that the latest Batman: Arkham Origins DLC ships you off to a place where "there is no room for your self-righteous Western morality." Well alrighty then. Dubbed "Initiation," the latest DLC is a challenge map pack that pits Bruce Wayne against a series of martial arts obstacles high in the mountains of North Korea.

Initiation is out on Dec. 3 and should offer up some new locales to beat up on lesser mortals who haven't yet reached the exotic heights of a bearded and angry-looking Bruce Wayne. And with the requisite bamboo forest and craggy mountain monastery, it's safe to say the new DLC will have us pondering some places that might feel a little familiar . Initiation is set to include four different maps and a pair of new skins, rope gauntlets included.

If you already have the Season Pass for Arkham Origins, the new content should be available instantly tomorrow. By itself, Initiation should cost $7 . Not up to speed on the latest entry in the Arkham series? Take a look at our review of Origins before you check out the trailer for the new DLC below.