Batman: Arkham City trailer introduces Penguin and Solomon Grundy

The latest Batman: Arkham City trailer has landed on Gamespot , giving us our first look at The Penguin. Rocksteady's vision of Cobblepot pegs him as a squat cockney chap. It's hard to judge whether this makes him more or less threatening, so to tip the scales he keeps undead hulk-thing Solomon Grundy chained up in the basement.

Grundy is an almost-impossible-to-kill zombie villain who appeared in an old Batman story called The Long Halloween, which was a heavy influence on the recent Christopher Nolan Batman films. Hopefully fighting him will be less monotonous than the boss battle with Bane in Arkham Asylum. We'll find out when Arkham City is released on October 18 in the US, and October 21 internationally.

Tom Senior

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