Batman: Arkham City Nightwing trailer zaps crooks with electro sticks

[VAMS id="ViImt3i8CqtLn"]

You didn't think being released on consoles would stop Batman: Arkham City from putting out more trailers did you? Of course not! This one shows off the planned Nightwing DLC pack , which will offer you the ability to play as grown up Robin Dick Grayson in Arkham City's challenge mode, as well as two new challenge maps. The trailer certainly seems to play up Nightwing's acrobatic style of combat, and also shows off his very cool looking electric stun sticks, which should teach those criminal scum a lesson or two about not getting zapped in the face by a man in tight spandex.

The Nightwing DLC is planned for release on November 1st, which is actually before the PC version of Arkham City is released on the 18th. With Warner Brothers tell us they're keeping the price of the PC DLC under wraps, for now. How much would you play to become Nightwing?