Barf grenades and ninja blades are coming to Hitman 3 this month

You messed up, 47. While you were off sabotaging one biological superweapon under Sapienza, another was left to develop unimpeded. Now, we have to live in a world where anyone can turn a public crowd into a sanitary nightmare thanks to Hitman 3's new emetic grenades—a disastrous gadget that forces anyone in its blast radius to make an emergency bathroom visit.

Those tossable emetics come as part of two new escalation missions outlined in Hitman 3's February roadmap. Taking place in Mendoza, The Gaucho Antiquity frames 47 as The Guru, a "tech-savvy poisoner" who uses emetic grenades and pens to sicken his targets before taking them down. The Proloff Parable, meanwhile, takes a more direct route—setting a ninja-clad 47 loose on a Carpathian train with a Katana and a new sniper rifle. That's one way to spice up our second-least favourite Hitman level, I s'pose.

Hitman 3's February Roadmap

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Both those escalations are due on February 23rd. In the meantime, today brings a new contract daring you to murder Dartmoor's family entirely "by accident". On February 18th, a Dubai escalation ramps up the stakes by pitting 47 against his deadliest foe yet: floating boxes. Dubai and Dartmoor will both also be getting their own featured contracts, respectively curated in partnership with MinnMax and KindaFunny.

Sadly, that doesn't mean Agent 47 is about to garrotte Game Over Greggy as an elusive target (not yet, at least). Instead, Hitman 3 is bringing back The Deceivers, a legacy pair of time-limited hits on Sapienza. As usual, you've got one shot and one life to take down the old blokes between February 26th and March 8th. We're still waiting for Hitman 3 to introduce some elusive targets of its own. Hopefully, they'll stumble into our crosshairs sooner rather than later.

That's a decent amount of stuff coming over the next few weeks, at least. IO does have plans to bring in some meatier DLC down the line—but expect those to feature reimagined versions of old maps rather than full-blown new stages.

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