Baldur's Gate 3: How to get Sussur Bark and Finish the Masterwork Weapon

Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - The Underdark and a lift
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Figuring out how to get Sussur Bark in Baldur's Gate 3 is a critical step in the Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest you'll find while exploring the Blighted Village. If you haven't located the village yet, it can be found to the west of Silvanus' Grove. This quest begins in the basement of the house to the north, which you access by lockpicking the door, or burning the spider web and jumping down from the floor above. 

In the basement, you'll find a forge and a trapped chest containing Highcliff's Blueprints. These weapon diagrams detail a way to forge powerful weapons if you can locate the missing ingredient which is—you guessed it—Sussur Bark. If you're unable to pass a Nature skill check, you'll be left with zero clue as to where to find this rare tree.

It's not ideal when you'll want to get your special weapon sooner rather than later. Luckily for you, this rare substance isn't too hard to find so long as you've got a little determination. Here, I'll explain how to get Sussur Bark and forge your very own Sussur weapon.

How to get Sussur Bark

You can find Sussur Bark in the Underdark, specifically in the Dread Hollow, quite close to the Decrepit Village. While it's quite easy to spot the giant white Sussur Tree in the area, but you have to go to a specific part of the Sussur Tree to get the bark, and since you're early in the game when you find this quest, you likely won't have ventured into the Underdark yet.

Since the Underdark is very dangerous and contains lots of deadly monsters, I'd recommend taking a sneaky character solo with a Scroll of Invisibility, or even better, wait until Gale reaches level four and can learn invisibility. You'll also need Feather Fall or a Scroll of Feather Fall. That said, here's how to get Sussur Bark step-by-step:

  • Either destroy the wall in the basement if you passed the Perception check to see it, or use the well in the centre of the Blighted Village to access the Whispering Depths.
  • Sneak through to where you see the skeleton and look for the Ettercap enemy nearby on a higher platform. Wait for it to move, then climb up the ledges and pass behind it into the main Phase Spider nest where the matriarch is. It's worth noting that you can also grab the Dark Amethyst to open the Necromancy of Thay here.
  • Cast Feather Fall and jump from the upper platform down the massive hole in the centre of the webs, leading into the Underdark.
  • When you land, immediately jump down again onto the lower platform, then northwest across the gap to the glowing mushrooms—move through these fast as they're explosive—then head southwest until you reach the Decrepit Village.
  • Take the right path that leads higher to find the Sussur Tree. Now this is where things get spicy due to the Hook Horrors. You'll want to head southwest along the side of the ravine, then cast invisibility and head northwest following the wall until you find the Underdark - Sussur Tree waypoint. 
  • Immediately next to the waypoint is a branch you can climb. Follow this to the trunk of the tree, using invisibility to avoid the Hook Horror on the branch, then grab the bark next to it.

Depending on your luck, you might also get attacked by Bulette, a giant monster that burrows beneath the earth and knocks you over. If that ever happens, use Invisibility right away to escape combat, though if you don't hang about you shouldn't have too much trouble.

How to Finish the Masterwork Weapon

Now you've got the bark, head back to forge in the basement and follow these steps to create your Sussur weapon:

  • Activate the forge to light it
  • Use the Blacksmith Bellows
  • Activate the forge again
  • Place the Sussur Bark in the free slot
  • Click combine

Once you've done this, you're ready to create one of three Sussur weapons:

  • Sussur Greatsword: 4-14 damage, 2d6+2 slashing.
  • Sussur Dagger: 5-8 damage, 1d4+4 piercing, silences targets on hit.
  • Sussur Sickle: 3-6 damage, 1d4+2 slashing, silences targets on hit.

Simply activate the forge and place either a dagger, a greatsword, or a sickle in there, then click combine to make the weapon. This will trigger a cutscene of your weapon being forged, completing the quest, and letting you equip it for yourself. If you have the Guild Artisan background, this will also complete an Inspiration goal. It's worth noting you can only make one Sussur weapon, so choose wisely. 

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