Baldur's Gate 3 rolls out a hotfix for players who have 'angered the RNG Gods'

Rolling a 20-sided die
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In a February Baldur's Gate 3 update, the one that added druids who can turn into massive badgers, Larian also added an option to play with loaded dice. The idea was to "smooth out the extremes of the bell curve", adjusting the randomness so that players who have a few bad rolls in a row are guaranteed a good one, and vice versa. Even after that, complaints about the dice continued to roll in: "We've seen the dice described as being harsh, cursed, rigged and someone said the RNG was downright evil," Larian writes.

And so the latest patch, hotfix #10, adjusts the behind-the-scenes math of those loaded dice so that the uncaring d20 will continue to reward players who suffer a string of bad luck, but never punish them for enjoying a few crits in a row. As Larian says, "This one goes out to all of you (and us) who have clearly angered the RNG Gods in a former life and been cursed to fail dice rolls at every turn."

Of course, loaded dice remain a purely optional feature—the toggle is just above camera options in the menu, and is listed as Weighted Dice—and I will continue refusing to use it as if it's a matter of principle anybody cares about. I've played enough Blood Bowl to know the dice are not my friends. 

The notes also mention that this patch has "Fixed crash when examining a deactivated entity (like the Bulette disappearing)", but that's much harder to spin a headline out of.

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