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Here are all the Baldur's Gate 3 companions so far

baldurs gate 3 companions
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The Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, at least at the moment, are the origin characters that you can’t currently play as. Each has a set class, and they'll all complement your party in different ways. Of course, as with any RPG worth its salt—which BG3 certainly is—it’s not just their classes that are important. 

That's because each character has their own personality, plus individual likes and dislikes. Some of them also thoroughly dislike each other. If you want to find each of the five recruitable Baldur’s Gate 3 characters in the Early Access version of the game, and discover what they’re good at, I've got everything you need below.

All Baldur's Gate 3 companions so far


  • Location: At the end of a beach full of a corpses trying to get through a door, just after the tutorial.
  • Class: Cleric (Trickery)

Shadowheart is a rather cold person, and she won't trust you as far as she can throw you. She does deal an extraordinary amount of damage, however, and can even heal. Blunt and to the point, Shadowheart is a no-nonsense companion that just wants to get stuff done.

As a Cleric, she’s a fantastic all-rounder, much more so than nearly any other companion, which is probably why you meet her first. She has an array of offensive, support, and healing spells that can completely shift the tide of battle. Not only that, but her attacks pack a surprising punch for a character who can also help keep you alive. 

Shadowheart is probably the character you’ll most want by your side throughout Baldur’s Gate 3. A word of warning if you’re trying to keep her happy, though, she’ll get annoyed if you stray too far from your goal. 


  • Location: After your first fight with Shadowheart alongside you, at a warp point nearby.
  • Class: Wizard (Evocation)

Honestly, Gale is one big old pile of creep sandwich. When you first meet him, he’ll  awkwardly flirt with Shadowheart, and you’ll want to punch him in the face from that point onwards. Sure, he has his own dark secrets, but this is Baldur’s Gate 3: Everyone and their cat has something going on. 

Unfortunately—and I really do mean, unfortunately—despite being a condescending wretch, he’s also a rather good wizard. While he lacks the versatility of Shadowheart, he more than makes up for that with pure attack power and even the odd spell to befuddle enemies. 


  • Location: Hiding from a monster near your first battle after meeting Shadowheart
  • Class: Rogue

Astarion’s intro is the most entertaining so far. You’ll have no issues with the terrifying foe he's hiding from when you find him, and once you’ve confronted it, you can get Astarion to join you. 

Astarion is a very well-spoken and flirty gentleman. He also just so happens to be a vampire, albeit not one who’s ever had much of a chance to do anything fun. He’s lead a rather sheltered life for a bloodsucker, and a Rogue. His class makes him invaluable for exploiting advantage and consecutive sneak attacks, if you can make the most of your position and the element of surprise. 

It also means he’s good for picking pockets and locks, as well as charming his way through some of your more challenging conversations. Just watch your back—or, rather, your neck—if he joins you, just in case. 


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  • Location: In a cage suspended in the air after you meet Gale
  • Class: Fighter

While you’ll get Shadowheart to join you first, you’ll first meet the fiery Lae’zel in the tutorial—she helps you survive the rather unfortunate events there. However, you won’t be able to get her to join you properly until you free her from a cage that a couple of Teiflings have put her in.

As a Fighter, Lae’zel is good at one—and pretty much only one—thing: Hitting things really hard. She’ll gain a lot of new abilities as you level up, but her joy in life will always be smacking the sense out of pretty much everything. She’s also got a rather useful Mage Hand ability as she's also a Githyanki, which can also be used in combat to push enemies around from afar. 

Lae’zel is the embodiment of not suffering fools gladly, with the main problem being that she thinks everyone is a fool; Unless you agree with her constantly, you’re probably going to piss her off. That said, if you side with her, you’ll probably irk everyone else instead.


  • Location: In a camp training a young Tiefling
  • Class: Warlock

Where there’s a Wyll, there’s a way, as they say. In this case, you can find your Wyll in a camp you’ll come across currently on the bad end of a goblin invasion. He’ll be training a young Tiefling to fight as he just so happens to be the mighty Blade of the Frontiers. Dear old Wyll has more than just a brain tadpole troubling him, though, as he's also a powerful Warlock, so he’s got some rather demonic friends. 

Despite this, he’s an especially friendly and (seemingly) honourable guy. As the Blade of Frontiers, he’s handy with a sword, but he can also be well-versed in some eldritch and demonic spells. This makes him deadly at any range, and depending on how you level him up, he could well be the biggest hitter on your squad. 

His nature makes him prone to doing the honourable thing, and if you go against that he’ll likely be disappointed in you. Keep that in mind if you want him to be as friendly as possible.