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Badger survival sim Shelter to emerge next week

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Make haste, for the badger parade is in but - *checks watch* - 8 days. Which is to say that promising badger-based survival game Shelter (opens in new tab) is out next Wednesday, August 28th, in exchange for $9.99/£6.99 or a couple of voles (or whatever it is badgers actually eat). It looks about as lovely as you'd expect a game from Pid developers Might & Delight to, but it promises to be quite an emotive one too (opens in new tab) .

In Shelter, you're the mother of a litter of badger cubs, which sounds like jolly good fun until you remember that whole thing about nature being unremittingly bleak and cruel. Protect your young from predators (but probably not Predator), survive in a harsh environment, and prey on weaker animals yourself, all while taking on the Capra Demon if you find the time. I may have confused Shelter with Dark Souls for a moment there, but they do sound pretty similar in my head.

You can buy the game DRM-free from Might & Delight's website (opens in new tab) (which will also give you a Steam key), buy it in a bundle with the dreamy Pid, or head directly to Steam (opens in new tab) if you prefer. Here's a glimpse of what you're letting yourself in for:

Cheers, Eurogamer (opens in new tab) .

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