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Zeno Clash 2 announced! First-person brawler sequel features co-op, out next year

[VAMS id="tjw10FiHE4712"]

Publisher Atlus has sent ACE Team's Zeno Clash 2 crashing through a window and into the wild in a sneaky pre-E3 announcement.

The stand-out new feature is full drop-in drop-out co-op for the campaign, which sees Ghat and his sister Rimat freeing Father-Mother from prison. Just like the original, it's looking uncannily, brilliantly bonkers. Giant stone hands! Weird bipedal bird lizard things!

The first-person melee combat mechanics pioneered by the first game have been refined, and there'll be new RPG features to allow you to customise how Ghat and Rimat go about punching freaky pig-men in the face. We've got the announcement screens below, including one that appears to show Ghat fighting a giant smiling blue man with a pirate beard. Wait no, that's exactly what it shows.

Zeno Clash 2 is due out in early 2013. Are you excited to return to Zenozoik, readers?

Chris Thursten
Chris is the editor of PC Gamer Pro. After many years spent turning beautiful trees into magazines, he now oversees our online coverage of competitive gaming and esports.