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Wrap up the weekend with another Golden Key Shift Code for Borderlands 3

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

The Golden Keys are flowing this weekend and Gearbox has kicked off Sunday with yet another Borderlands 3 Shift code for you to claim. You can claim your key in-game, and open that Sanctuary chest for a chance at some sweet loot. Today's key expires at 10 am CST on Monday, November 11th. 

Here's your ticket for one Golden Key in Borderlands 3: CS53B-FBS9J-95TK5-BJTT3-KJKTJ.

You can find more codes, including all the ones that don't expire, at our Borderlands 3 Shift codes hub, along with more details on how to use your Golden Keys. You can also cash in the Borderlands VIP codes that we have listed for you if you haven't already. Fortunately those have a better shelf life and don't often expire. See you for the next Shift Code!

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