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This anime rhythm adventure looks Unbeatable

There might only be 20 seconds of footage in Unbeatable's debut trailer, but developer D-Cell Games' debut rhythm-fighter is already one of the hottest things I've seen this year.

Coming to Kickstarter on April 6th, Unbeatable is a gorgeous "anime-juiced rhythm adventure." In the trailer we see brief shots of this rhythmic punching—foes rushing in from left and right, our lead smacking them off in a manner not dissimilar to One Finger Death Punch. It looks frenetic and arcadey in all the right ways, the perfect blend for a game that's absolutely oozing with manic pop energy.

Unbeatable's world is one that's outlawed music—but Beat's a singer, and nothing's gonna stop her groove. It's a a sun-bleached pop-punk anime that takes more than a few cues from Studio Trigger's Promare, and when you're not punching the lights outta the law, you'll be soaking in the lazy summer mood and chatting up strangers.  In the game's first devblog, D-Cell cites games like Night In The Woods and Oxenfree as inspirations for this bit, offering chill teen vibes between the headline fights.

I don't even have to wait too long to bury myself in Unbeatable's vibes, either. Next week's Kickstarter will also be accompanied by a full trailer and (better yet) a free demo. 

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