The One Finger Death Punch 2 demo is available now on Steam

The sublime 2D stickman returns on April 15, but you can download a free demo right now on Steam. 

The rules are simple: left-click to attack left, right-click to attack right. Enemies pour in from each screen edge at increasing speed with melee weapons and throwing knives. As you rapidly click through the hordes your stickman dispatches enemies with spectacular takedowns. Expect lightsabers, boss fights, laser beams, and throwing swords you can kick back at your attackers.

It's a terrific rhythm action game. and the devs' claim that "this is the most intense two-button game ever made" is justified. Tyler took a look at the game last week and loved what he played. The devs insist that "you can't get a feel for the gameplay from watching videos.

"The flow of combat is something we spent years tweaking. It's what makes OFDP2 unique. Only by playing it will this become clear. That's why it's important to us that you try the game out before you consider purchasing it."

Tom Senior

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