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The Talon Baptiste legendary skin is a good look from the bad old days

Before the new(ish) Overwatch hero Baptiste was a good guy, he was a bad guy—joining the ranks of the terrorist group Talon in the aftermath of the devastating Omnic War. And with the launch of the upcoming Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising event, you'll be able to deck him out in his red-and-dreads look from the bad old days.

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Talon Baptiste is, I believe, the first Legendary skin from Storm Rising to be revealed, and notwithstanding the fact that he's playing for the bad guys, I think it's a pretty good look: The red really pops, and maybe it's just me but there's something about the new 'do that really works.   

If you're not familiar with Baptiste's background, you can get caught up with the origin story video that was released in February. Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising goes live on April 16 and runs until May 6.

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