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The Stanley Parable "almost there", will release next month

This is a news post about a man named Stanley. Stanley was the star of The Stanley Parable , a first-person ambulator mod for Half-Life 2. In it, he was guided through a dark and humorous meta-narrative by an avuncular narrator with an inimitable style. A style that was nevertheless a boon for a lazy writer who needed a pithy way to introduce the news that the game's upgraded, standalone version would be released next month.

"I'm finally at a point where I can tell you with full confidence that the Stanley Parable will be released in October 2013," writes creator Davey Wreden . "We are mere weeks away! Still a lot to do, but man, we're almost there. Almost there. Almost there. Almost there."

There's no exact date yet, but the standalone game - formerly called The Stanley Parable HD Remix - will be appearing on Steam after a successful Greenlight campaign.

For a taste of what to expect, you can find the original mod here . Or you can read Wreden's Helpful Development Showcases , where he imparts important development tips like how to make a door that won't kill the player . Or , you can watch some of the excellent trailers, embedded below.

Phil Savage
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