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The Mandalorian is coming to kill you in Fortnite's latest LTM

Everyone loves The Mandalorian, badass mercenary and spiritual father to a bug-eyed frog child. But Mando doesn't love you back—in fact, in Fortnite's latest Limited Time Mode, the Boba Fett knock-off is coming to hunt you down and freeze you in carbonite (figuratively speaking).

Live now and running through February 9th, Mando's Bounty adds the titular gun-for-hire to the game as a deadly NPC. Each player gets three lives to rack up the highest bounty they can by killing other players and NPCs, with a bonus payout for assigned targets.

At the same time, Mando will be scouring the map for whoever's currently in first place. Victory requires taking the bounty hunter down, and winning will net you a special Beskar Umbrella. Granted, you yourself might be wearing a Mandalorian skin. Talk about Attack Of The Clones, eh?

Fortnite's latest season continues the game's status as a pop-culture blender, including everyone from The Predator and The Terminator to videogame murderblokes like Master Chief and Kratos. I do hope this sets a precedent for all your previous mercenary skins coming back to kill you in future LTMs. Maybe Epic can add an extra-special one featuring Agent 47, just for Fraser.