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The lizard-like Sorlag takes center stage in a new Quake Champions teaser

The parade of Quake Champions continues with today's reveal of Sorlag, a reptilian warrior who was born and bred for a single purpose: Hunt the warmbloods. She can spit acid at her enemies, and brings two separate passive abilities to the ring, Bunny Hop and Acid Fiend. 

Bunny Hop is fairly self-explanatory: Continually jumping in one direction will increase Sorlag's speed and maneuverability.  The less-obvious Acid Fiend grants the character immunity to acid attacks, including her own and those of any enemy Sorlags she may encounter. 

Acidic saliva in a game filled with people carrying rocket launchers and lightning guns may come across a something of a knife in a gunfight, but it does look like the ability could come in handy. A direct hit will inflict damage over time, but the acid will also stick to surfaces, making it a real deterrent to pursuers in tight quarters. 

Quake Champions is still in beta testing, which you can sign up for at And in case you missed it, you can also read more about the game's 1v1 Duel Mode, in which two players choose three champions each and smash them against one another until everyone is dead, right here