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The Division has a gamebreaking bug, but Ubisoft is on the case

The Division

The Division had a major new patch roll out yesterday, which made some much-needed changes to the game's previously dire Dark Zone PvP offerings. Those changes have been welcome, but the patch has reportedly introduced a nasty bug, too: some players are reporting that high-end backpacks are disappearing from their inventory.

In letters sent to Kotaku, the backpacks not only disappear – resulting in an otherwise impossible empty backpack slot in the user's inventory – but the bug also leads to being locked out of the game entirely.

That's a pretty major bug, and while it appears to only be affecting a limited number of players at the moment, Ubisoft is on the case. In a statement published on the game's official support forum, the company said it was investigating.

"We are aware that some of you are experiencing an issue where you are locked out of your account," the statement read. "This is usually caused by having crafted a High-End backpack. We are looking to resolve this, it's one of our main priorities at the moment."

Ubisoft is also seeking feedback from affected players. If that includes you, head on over to the site and let them know. If all is well in your neck of post-pandemic New York, here are some fresh tips on how to prepare for The Division's end game.

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