A new patch for The Division will roll out tomorrow

The Division

The Division will be updated to version 1.02 tomorrow, and as numerical increases go, that doesn't sound like much. But some substantial changes are on the way, including better rewards for venturing into the Dark Zone and an end to respawning “named NCPs,' which will “prevent situations where players were able to kill a same named NPC over and over again.”

It's not described as such in the notes, but as Kotaku points out, that's clearly a reference to farming, and that means that powering to the Dark Zone level cap in a week, like this guy did, should be significantly more difficult after the patch goes live. On the upside, players who die in the Dark Zone will lose less experience and Dark Zone Funds, the drop rate of high-end items from level 31 and 32 Named NPCs in the Dark Zone has been increased, and Dark Zone Chest item quality has been boosted as well. Plans to increase Phoenix Credits drop rates have been shelved, however, as that change was causing problems with client stability.

PC-specific updates include fixes and improvements to Tobii eye tracking, automatic application of graphics settings based on hardware config (unless custom settings have already been made), fixes to map navigation with the mouse, and the removal of the Store button from the Character Selection screen—it's now available directly from the Ubisoft Club app.

The full list of changes coming to The Division can be found here. The patch will go live during this week's server maintenance, which will take place tomorrow—that's March 22—at 4 am ET/1 am PT.

Andy Chalk

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